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2)  Location

  • Accessible parking spaces serving a particular building shall be located on the shortest accessible route of travel from adjacent parking to an accessible entrance.  
  • In parking facilities that do not serve a particular building, accessible parking shall be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible pedestrian entrance of the parking facility. 
  • In buildings with multiple accessible entrances with adjacent parking, accessible parking spaces shall be dispersed and located closest to the accessible entrances.  
  • The total number of accessible parking spaces may be distributed among parking lots, if greater accessibility is achieved in consideration of such factors as anticipated usage, number and location of entrances and level of parking areas.  (ADAAG 4.6.2)

ada compliancy code

A Brief Description of the Enivronmental Barriers Act Code Requirements 

in Regards to Parking and Passenger Loading Zones

5)  Signage 

  • Accessible parking spaces shall be designated as reserved for environmentally limited persons by providing a R7-8 (U.S. Department of Transportation standard) sign which contains the international symbol of accessibility (see Illustrations C and D). 
  • Such signs shall exhibit the words "$100 Fines" (or higher amount if required by local ordinance). (See Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5/11-301 and 301.1].)  
  • Signs shall be vertically mounted on a post or wall at front center of the parking space, no more than 5 feet horizontally from the front of the parking space and set a minimum of 4 feet from finished grade to the bottom of the sign.  
  • Such signs shall be located so they cannot be obscured by a vehicle parked in the space. (ADAAG 4.6.4)

1)  Minimum Number of Parking Stalls

If any parking is provided for employees or visitors, or both, the minimum number of accessible parking spaces to be provided for environmentally limited persons is as follows:

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3)  Dimensions and Markings

  • Each parking space, except on-street spaces, shall consist of a sixteen foot wide parking space including an eight foot wide diagonally striped access aisle.  
  • Adjacent parking spaces shall not share a common access aisle (see Illustration B, Fig. 9(a)).  In the alternative, all required parking spaces may be provided in conformance with "Universal Parking Design" (ADAAG Appendix A4.6.3), except that such spaces shall not utilize a shared access aisle with an adjacent space (ADAAG 4.1.2(5)(b) Exception).  
  • Under Universal Parking Design, all accessible spaces are sixteen feet wide, including a space eleven feet (132 in., 3350 mm) wide with a five foot (60 in., 1525 mm) diagonally striped access aisle (see Illustration B, Fig. 9(b)).  

For the purpose of this page, we will be providing a bullet point analysis of the code requirements set forth by the American Disabilities Act, the Environmental Barrier Act (EBA) and the Illinois and Indiana Accessibility Code (IAC). The source of all information provided can be found here: Illinois ADA Requirements and Indiana ADA Requirements

​What are the main factors involved in the ADA Compliancy of Parking Areas?​

(1) Minimum Number, (2) Location, (3) Dimensions and Markings, (4) Passenger Loading Zones, and (5) Signage

  • A high quality yellow paint recommended by the paint manufacturer for pavement striping shall be used.  Each parking space shall have its own access aisle and all access aisles shall blend to a common level with an accessible route.  
  • Parking spaces and access aisles shall be level with surface slopes not exceeding 1:50 (2%) in all directions. (ADAAG 4.6.3)  
  • Minimum vertical clearance of 98 in. (2490 mm) at the parking space and along at least one vehicle access route to such spaces from site entrance(s) and exit(s) shall be provided.  (ADAAG 4.6.5)

4)  Passenger Loading Zones  

  • Passenger loading zones shall provide an access aisle at least 60 in. (1525 mm) wide and 20 ft. (240 in., 6100 mm) long adjacent and parallel to the vehicle pull-up space.  
  • If there are curbs between the access aisle and the vehicle pull-up space, then a curb ramp complying with subsection (d) of this Section shall be provided. Vehicle standing spaces and access aisles shall be level with surface slopes not exceeding 1:50 (2%) in all directions.  
  • Accessible passenger loading zones shall provide minimum vertical clearance of 114 in. (2895 mm) at accessible passenger loading zones and along at least one vehicle access route to such areas from site entrance(s) and exit(s). (ADAAG 4.6.6)​