Hiring the right paving contractor

Understanding the Bidding Process and Ensuring Quality Performance

The Hiring Process

The first thing any business owner or property manager should do when considering an asphalt maintenance project is design or choose a scope of work. This is needed to give all contractors job direction. Here are some basic questions to answer before putting a project out to bid.

  1.     What work do you want performed? (i.e., lot marking, cracksealing, sealcoating, removal and replacement or resurfacing)
  2.     What type of materials will you be specifying? (Always specify high quality materials.)
  3.     What application techniques will be used?. (i.e., cracksealing hot or cold, sealcoating applied by hand or machine, squeegeed or sprayed)
  4.     What traffic control measures will be used to ensure the safety of both crewmembers, pedestrians, vehicular traffic, and surrounding structures?
  5.     How many phases, moves, or days will it take to complete the project? What about inclement weather? Are rain days scheduled?

These are questions that if answered early will eliminate wide swings in prices and services. By specifying your project following the above guidelines you ensure “apples-to-apples” bidding from all contractors.


Hiring the Right Contractor

Once you have received an ample number of quotes, it is time to hire a pavement maintenance contractor. You should ask for the following:

  1. Name and phone numbers of the company’s suppliers
    • Professional contractors use industrial high quality material. You may consider asking for payment history to avoid a lien.
  2. References
    • Most reputable pavement maintenance contractors are eager to furnish references. Check to see if projects were performed in a professional and timely manner.
  3. Warranty
    • Too often business owners and property managers find out after a disappointing experience that there is no warranty. If there is a warranty, get it in writing prior to the start of the project.
  4. Certificate of insurance
    • Liability and workers compensation insurance is easily attainable for legitimate companies.
  5. Get it in writing
    • Always get a written contract prior to any project being started. This should detail the exact scope of work, the quality of materials being used, and payment terms. Read the entire contract before signing, including the small print.
  6. Waiver of Lien
    • Inform the pavement maintenance contractor that they will be required to supply a waiver of lien upon completion of project or prior to final payment.

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