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common lot marking applications

Lot MArking 

Redefining your Traffic Control

The lot marking of a parking lot is recommended to be refreshed every 18 to 36 months depending on traffic and wear patterns. Renew the faded yellow or white parking stalls of you lot back to their fluorescent state to properly designate the flow of traffic in your lot. Additionally, ensure that your lot is up to specifications in regards to A.D.A. compliancy with the installation of A.D.A. bays and signage. In combination with sealcoating, lot marking will provide an aesthetically-pleasing solution to lots in the preserve and maintain stage.

WHY is lot marking important?

  1. ​​Lot Marking (Striping or Restriping)
    • Assures the pavement surfaces will receive the brightest possible lines.
  2. Fresh Layout or Remark
    • ​Whether you are simply remarking pre-existing lines or have plans for a newly formatted lot, we can help.
  3. ​Color Variety
    • ​Our water-based acrylic paint is available in a variety of colors. (i.e. blue, yellow, white, to mention a few)
  4. Traffic Control 
    • Directional arrows and stop bars can help avoid congestion within a parking lot.
  5. Fulfills all A.D.A. Laws
    • By law, all parking areas must have required pavement markings and signage including A.D.A. parking stalls and fire lanes.
  6. Other Safety Enhancements   
    • Signage will help assist traffic. Stop Signs, Speed Limit, Reserved Parking and Towing enforcement signs.
    • Marking of Speed Bumps and Crosswalks.​