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Commercial loading bay application of asphalt profile milling with structural resurfacing over existing asphalt. Due to the continuing structural integrity of the sub-based being uncompromised during the wearing process, this type of repair can significantly extend the life of your asphalt surfaces for a fraction of the cost of a removal and replacement of the selected area.

When properly maintained, pavement typically has a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Pavement Maintenance Planning (PMP) provides cost-effective management of your pavement surfaces including concrete.

Pavement Maintenance Solutions specializes in 2 to 5 year pavement maintenance plans for commercial and industrial clients which enables you to budget for your asphalt and concrete needs.

What is included in a Pavement Maintenance Plan (PMP)?

  1. Pavement Maintenance Solutions will provide a complete site evaluation including meeting on site with the client/client representative who will be given a detailed site map highlighting various areas of repair, and the submission of a detailed quote.
  2. We will then take inventory of your pavement distresses and categorize them by severity level. By identifying the life cycle stage of your pavement, the proper cost-effective repair is suggested.
  3. Finally, a custom pavement maintenance plan will be developed on a yearly budgetary basis to protect your pavement investment and limit your liabilities. It is our goal to maximize your investment by primarily focusing on high vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas to ensure quality and safe infrastructure.

It is easier and less expensive to preserve and maintain your pavement over a number of years rather than removing and replacing the entire area.

The idea of Pavement Maintenance Planning (PMP) is simple.

  • Take the example of oil in your car. If you change your oil every 3000 miles, you greatly reduce the possibility of problems with your engine and increase the longevity of the motor. If you neglect the engine completely, there is a high probability that the engine will break down and you would be faced with larger repair bills. The repair or replacement costs will greatly exceed the amount you would have spent on oil changes and routine preventative maintenance.

We at Pavement Maintenance Solutions consider our current and future partnerships to be a great commitment to both our customer's needs and the industry's standards for proper pavement repair, where our partnerships last years into the future, not just for a one-time fix.