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"My experience with Pavement Maintenance Solutions, Inc., over the last 13 years has been quite pleasing due to the fact that they are one of the most well organized and honest vendors that I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Their punctuality and their constant consideration in keeping my property well maintained without disruptions to my business continues to be paramount to their values as a company. It has been a true pleasure to be associated with Pavement Maintenance Solutions, Inc. as my preferred asphalt and concrete contractor."

 - Michael D., Co-Owner of Dyer Auto Auction

Dyer, Indiana

"After having my drive redone by your company, I was very satisfied with the outcome. The drive had broken and cracked in many places and was badly in need of repair.  While watching the workers do their job I was amazed at their ability to work without taking breaks or slowing down.  This work pace continued all day until the job was completed.  I was completely satisfied with all that was done and felt that the price quoted was in line with other estimates.  After seeing the work performance and quality, I would have them back if necessary and would recommend Pavement Maintenance Solutions to others."

- Ed W., Homeowner

Glenwood, Illinois

"Over the years, MarketPro Property Management and Consulting, Inc. has utilized Pavement Maintenance Solutions to provide asphalt maintenance and preventative maintenance plans for several properties we manage.  PMS has established a partnership with us and we are able to accomplish long term maintenance and repair plans for our clients that save them money in the long run as well as assist them in projecting future expenses."

"MarketPro needed PMS to evaluate one particular challenging situation where a developer inadequately installed asphalt driveways prior to our management of the property.  PMS recommended a structural resurfacing to address the immediate urgency of a deteriorating asphalt in order to avoid complete removal and replacement, and presented a long term pavement maintenance plan.  It would have been easy and more profitable for PMS to recommend a complete removal and replacement.  However, PMS presented the best option for the client, which has resulted in a savings of $500,000 as well as confirmation that PMS is a strategic partner and quality contractor that MarketPro will continue to use with confidence.  I highly recommend PMS, without hesitation.”

- Jill P., President of MarketPro Propery Management & Consulting, Inc.

St. John, IN

"We are very happy with your products and your service is truly astounding. If I ever had a issue or concern, Pavement Maintenance Solutions was a phone call away. I am very happy Timberbridge Condominiums in Valparaiso has used your services for all our blacktop and concrete needs."

- Barbara M., Association President of Timberbridge Condos

Valparaiso, IN

"Here at the Matteson Public Library, we have been using Pavement Maintenance Solutions, Inc. for the last 7 years. Whether concrete or asphalt, they have done an awesome job. Prompt and reliable service is what you get. The employees are great to deal with whether on the phone or in person for a quote. I will DEFINITELY be calling them again!"

- Lisa F., Head of Maintenance
Matteson Public Library, Matteson, IL